Well, I was recently looking up articles about OCD (such as effectiveness of treatment options, the latest advancements, the hope for a cure). Something that is unfortunately a compulsion of mine. Anyways, I found an article about future OCD treatments. And, it got me thinking. What will the future hold for those of us with OCD? Will there ever be a cure? Will we ever find a treatment that works for everyone? How much effort is being put into the advancement of treatment for OCD patients.

Here is one section of the article that discusses an interesting and hope inducing possible new treatment method:

In response to these concerns, new treatment protocols for obsessions have been developed that incorporate cognitive interventions along with exposure and response prevention in order to modify the faulty appraisals that perpetuate obsessional thinking.This new cognitive-behavioral therapy for OCD consists of educating the person with OCD about the cognitive nature of their obsessional problems, and how to identify their automatic faulty interpretations of the obsession and their counter-productive neutralization strategies.New thinking tools and strategies are used to modify the faulty interpretation of the obsession. Together the client and cognitive therapist explore healthier alternative ways to view the obsessional concerns.Specially designed behavioral experiments, including exposure and response prevention, are used to assist the client in the development of an approach to obsessions and compulsions that will reverse their vicious cycle and weaken the OCD.The goal of treatment is to help individuals with OCD achieve a change in attitude and behavior toward their symptoms so the obsessional thought is normalized.That is, the client comes to view the mental intrusion as insignificant, non-threatening “thought” that is most effectively handled by simply “doing nothing”.

A number of treatment trials are currently underway to assess the effectiveness of this newer cognitive-behavioral treatment for OCD.The preliminary findings are encouraging.Even though cognitive-behavioral treatment for OCD is in the early stage of development and testing it does offer new hope for those suffering from OCD.In recent years our understanding of obsessive compulsive disorder has significantly increased.Obsessive compulsive disorder is a very treatable problem.75% of people who complete exposure/response prevention treatment get better.New treatment protocols are being developed for people who do not benefit from traditional exposure/response prevention therapy.This newer treatment hopefully will increase even further the number of people who can benefit from therapy.

Now, this leaves me with mixed feelings. This could turn out to be something wonderful. But, still, the doubts often haunt me. Dangerous treatment options with risky side effects, like dbs, are still being practiced by miserable OCD patients at the end of their ropes. I am left to worry that some day soon we find something that will help everyone; something safe. Most of all though, I pray we find a safe cure. That is what I want more than anything for myself, and fellow sufferers of this most horrible disease.

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  1. MagentaEyeshadow 7 years ago

    Thank you for the comment! 🙂 And yes, I have found that staying positive can be a huge help in overcoming OCD. 

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