This was sent to me, and I wanted to share it with others…


The ice maker in my refrigerator is bipolar.  I am seriously thinking about either getting it some meds or at least some counseling but maybe we will be alright. Sometimes in a whole 24 hours it will barely make enough ice to fill a large glass. I'll ask what the hell is going on and it will say,

"Oh, I don't know. Why are you yelling at me? I just don't feel good and I think I have a leak."

No, you are fine but I need you to work harder. I need enough ice for my cooler every day for work and you are not pulling your load.

"Pulling? I don't have arms. Why are you yelling at me? Life sucks and you're yelling at me."

So we talked and I said I could buy some ice or something but I don't think it heard me. It looked really depressed.

Then a few days later I opend up the freezer and there is ice every where and it is falling out of the freezer and onto the floor.

"Hey, dude! Where you been? I have been working my ass off making ice day and night and it is the best ice I ever made and I am the best ice maker ever.  I feel great and I know I look great and … oh man … look at these last cubes I made. Gorgeous, huh?"

Yeah, they look … uh … great. Look as long as you are so … uh … hyper why don't I go and buy some gallon Zip Lock bags and we'll store away some of this extra ice for later for a party or something.

"Yeah, whatever, man. All I know is I feel great and I look great and my ice is the best ever and … oooh, dude! Look at these I'm about to drop! Brilliant! What can I say? I am brilliant."

So I went to the store and bought some gallon Zip Locks and when I got back I opened the freezer and announced I was back.

"Why are you yelling at me? Look at my ice cubes! They suck and this job sucks and I  suck. And I think I have a leak again. I just want to go and lay down and never see ice again."

The rapid ice-ling went on for a while and so we compromised so when he was making extra ice I stored it for later and, like today, when I opened the freezer and there was barely enough ice to fill a glass I just smiled and told him thanks and reached for a Zip Lock already filled with ice. I told him I knew that for him some times are tougher than others and to hang in there and that he should know I am always there for him … good or bad … and that no matter what I appreciated him.

He smiled … dropped a few pitiful, half-formed cubes into the ice bin … and mumbled, "Thanks, man. That means a lot".

I whispered, "You're welcome", and closed the freezer door.

From inside I heard a voice …

"Why are you yelling at me?"

(A half-hour later I heard ice cubes beginning to drop every 12 minutes. As long as he tries and knows I appreciate him and that I will be patient with him when times are tough … 'cause I know it isn't his fault anyway … I think we will be OK.)

It is 2:30 AM now and my own hypomania has finally decided to let me sleep for a couple or three hours. I am beginning to doze off when I hear coming from the kitchen …

"DUDE! You have got to get up and come see these ice cubes! Gorgeous! Perfect! Gorgeously perfect! Perfectly gorgeous! I'm Super Ice Maker! That's what I am. SUPER ICE MAKER! I need a mask and a costume, dude! Top of the world, ma!"



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