So I guess we're all moving within a week. Haven't been given a specific date but it will happen before the end of next week, still no word on what is going to happen to my boyfriend's grandparents. I don't know if they're moving in with us or what. If they do move in with us then we'd be sharing the living room. Right now me and my boyfriend are searching for jobs like crazy, I filled out more applications today and we called to check on some of the other applications, I really hope that we find a steady paycheck REALLY soon because if not then me and my boyfriend will be figuring out how to sleep on the couch.

Basically his mom isn't telling anyone where the apartment is or how big it is, just that it has 3 bedrooms and that they'll be saving $100 on rent. We'll still have to pay for utilities though. So basically his parents will be saving around $200 or so dollars a month with utilites included, but they'll be losing ALOT of living space; 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a back yard, god knows how many closests, an attic, garage, a front yard and a basement. I really don't know about anyone else, but to me that seems completely stupid, you're saving about $200 a month but losing the space of about 2 houses. But whatever, I should focus more on finding a steady paycheck then complaining and judging.

To while me and my boyfriend were out and about I hurt my ankle, I don't know if I twisted it or what. But we were walking and I slipped on a slop on the side walk and my ankle bent to the inside when I stepped and I heard a bunch of cracking when my weight went on it. Ever since then it's been having a light sharp throbbing pain. I haven't twisted my ankle in so long I can't remember what it felt like, so who knows. It's not that swollen so I'm not too concerned about it since I can still walk on it as well.

But ya…still no sign of my missing pants. I searched my boyfriend's brother's room and couldn't find them, so hopefully when we're moving I find them. I feel really bad, I think I hurt my boyfriend on accident. We were messing around and at one point I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and I guess I pulled back harder then I thought because his neck hurts and he can't move it as much as before…

I just feel like crap right now. I don't want to move into a cramped apartment, and I know that I guess I should be somewhat gratefull that his mom let me live here and letting me move in with her and not kicking me out, but it just sucks! For some reason I can still see her making us pay the same amount for everything as before…if she does then that will probably be the last straw, beacause in my eyes, why the hell should I pay the same price when I'm losing a living room and bedroom? I'm losing a bed, dresser, everything! I'm just going to be living in a freaking suit case and sleeping on the couch or floor.

I've noticed that lately my anger is starting to come back. My temper is getting shorter and shorter, I'm getting more annoyed by things that I used to just ignore. I think that once I get out of this nut house I'll be better again. But from the look of things me and my boyfriend might just stay home and have a romantic evening if we have our own place or go to a hotel for romantic night for our anniversary…wasn't what was originally planned, but whatever, like always, money is tight. Honestly, I've been doing the math, we'd actually be saving money by living on our own.

We already have a place picked out for when we get enough money saved up. We're going to move into a studio, just one bathroom and then the kitchen, living room and bedroom are just one room. We'd have to buy our everything for the studio on our own, but once we bought everything it'd be ok 🙂 Afterall, dollar tree silverware, cups and plates aren't bad, I'll just have to convince my boyfriend on that lol he's the type of person that no matter what, he rarely buys anything, but when he does he buys top of the line and takes care of it so that way it will last him a VERY long time, I just buy whatever fits into the budget.

So ya…I'm just feeling really depressed and everything about what I know is coming and I'm trying as hard as I can to change it but it's frustrating and disheartening when it seems like no matter what I'm trying it isn't working.


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