There are these two  young men in their 20's who always ride around my suburb dressed in a suit *yeah your normal lol* and they always come to my door trying to convert me. Yesterday I went to the shop and I saw them corner this old man (he is very rough looking like an old biker lookin dude covered head to toe in tattoo's) at first the man was polite and said sorry im not interested, then the two fella's like ganged up on him and started tell him he needs to find christ so that christ can forgive him for ALL his sins. I see that man alot out and about and he always says hello, he is very polite, the whole ladies first thing, like an old school gentlemen I spose and they automatically assume because of his apperence he has done awfull things, that made me mad. Once a year ago they cornered me at my letterbox and started babbling some stuff and handed me like a playing card with some one on it (lol he was godly like but not god lol) and ask if they could come back later that day to talk about it more, I was like "ah no dont bother wasting your time with me" they kept hounding me so I gave up and said "oh alright" when they came back I just didnt answer the door lol when they left i opened the door and found another playing card with a god person thing on it…

Then today… they came-a-knocking again, started preaching and one was looking behind me and piped up and said "I notice you dont have a lounge suit, you know if you let god into your life he will help you to overcome your financial struggles" I stood there like a stunned mullet for what felt like 5minutes thinking these *bleepers* are jugding me!!! I-I-I was speachless… (perfect time for me to try and controll my anger sinse I could feel my blood boil) once I had my moment i said "well actually I just gave my couch away in good will to a friend who needed one, and my new lounge just has not been delivered yet" then one says "are you sure? You dont need to hide anything from us, we are gods people and we are here to help" am I sure? well I think so… like WTF??? of course im sure you fools!!! my response was this "well I hope im sure, cause if I gave my couch away and had nothing to replace it with that would be stupid of me wouldn't it?" and yes a had a 'tone' lol i know my response didnt fit in so well but it was all  could think of lol. so then they went on about blabbering about god some more and I really couldnt hack it any more and just said "look im sorry but I am not going to change my beliefs because you tell me its what god would want, im happy and content with what I've chosen to believe in so please stop wasting both our times trying to convert me into your religion, its just not going to happen!" they finally left, with a slight attitude I might add lol

Ok dont get me wrong I am not against Christianity, Im all for having something to believe in and every one is entitled to that right, its just that some of us have a different belief system and dont appreciate people coming in and trying to tell us we are wrong becuase we have different beliefs and I dont go up to people and tell them they are wrong because they dont share my belief. I think its only fair that we respect and accept that people believe in different things, I respect other peoples choices and i dont think it is too much to ask that others respect mine. 🙂

Well that was my story of the day 🙂


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