Hi to all my friends in OCD World.


Since I have done a wrong I need to repent this sin by telling you my OCD Family what I did .

This morning I had a conversation with my father. As you all know that is my 2,000+ word list. As has been mentioned in the past my father is getting really sick of how long and annoying it has been getting. Especially when I mentioned the same 10-20 things  a few days in a row.

Today he was really not in the mood to hear the list I could tell. There are many days I have known but with all of us having OCD you know it is me first. Well he made a comment "Marc only cares about Marc". Which is not true in reality but in OCD world yes it is true. Have to get my routine in. From being so angry he said I am going to cut you down to once a day 20 minutes. I know I can't tell him my garbage in that time. He then said it will be at 5PM as well. As any of you who read the compulsion blog know 5PM is my ESPN reading time. 


I was getting up to what Grandma told me this morning so my response was you know something I do not care if I put her in the hospital with all the stress I will start giving her. You made me a promise you would listen and now you are going to cut me to once  a day. Now in his defense he did say not trivial junk. He will listen to anything I can not tell her that will stress her out. Then again I have never done the list with her. I do not think she would last a day if I did. I said if you do that why don't we stop talking? He said fine. I then said I will do something drink something or if you pull that  I will not be here. About five minutes later he said Marc  I am hanging up. I knew he was in a bad mood and so was I. He was in his because of what I said. I was in mine because he would not be giving into the OCD.

When he called me this afternoon he said do you realize what you did this morning? I said yes but we were both in bad moods. What you said had me saying anything. Obviously what he said with the list is not as bad as my  saying I will put Grandma back in the hospital after I get through with her knowing that is  both our flesh and blood. Obviously he is more attached to her as a mother than I am in that sense. That is the way I cling to him since I do not have any dealing with my mother.

On a lighter side when I did the list tonight I skipped things. I did not read every word but I was taking a lot longer than I should have. I would say do you want to hear about this guy parking here? Which he did not but I did not want to leave things unturned.


As always any comments are greatly appreciated.


  1. marc81980 12 years ago



    Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, it is we give on both ends. I must admit that is a lot of enduring. Yes, with some of the things it gets redundant. We always try to work things out that is very important to both of us.





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  2. marc81980 12 years ago

    Hi Everlasting:


    So you did something like me? I realize they do not understand how our minds work. I really do not believe in a religion and have my doubts there is a God. I just feel I owe him knowing what I do. This being said I realize I am not a kid anymore. I am in the process of trying to start by either typing less or not telling him everything or in some cases asking if he wants to hear about this or that.





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