I was thoroughly amused that a couple of people thought I was looking for participants in the kinky photo shoot, here on DT.  I am glad you guys read on and figured out what I was talking about.  Another guy has signed up, and hopefully, more will sign up tomorrow.  I am optimistic that the shoot will happen.  (Fingers crossed…)  One of the models from the last shoot wants me to do a private shoot for her, for her website.  After the last shoot, I sent her an email, offering her my services for such a task, at no charge (as the experience will be good for my resume, and portfolio).  She likes my work, so it’s mutually beneficial).  And, there’s also a private shoot planned for a little later this month (some of us are having an invite-only shoot at the Temple, that will include an hour of sketching). 

Between that, the guerrilla art projects, changing the pictures I have on display at Chikkis, and continuing to pursue photographic opportunities outside the realm of S & M, I have a lot going on artistically.  I have been drawing more.  Getting better at drawing the human form, but still have a ways to go.  Perhaps I will post photos of some of my efforts.  Still drawing meditation trees.  My work tends to be more abstract, and while I enjoy that aesthetic, I think it has as much to so with my impatience as anything (too impatient to sustain great detail).  I guess, this has become my main coping mechanism.

Charlie has been home, yesterday and today.  I enjoy the time we spend together, and we get along really well, but no drastic or dramatic changes have taken place. 


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