This has been a very very tough week for me. First, on Tuesday at work I got a warning for missing one digit on a program, so obviously I've been nervous about that. To make matters worse after that I got super sick that day and I've been having horrible headaches, body aches and a mess of other symptoms since then. The headaches are the most debilitating part, and at first I thought they were just migraines, but migraine medication only worked for about an hour. When I finally went to the doctor on Friday they gave me Vicodin to deal with the pain because it was so severe, and I've still been wrestling with it all weekend.

Basically now I'm not only out about $350 in lost wages, but I'm worried about my job, though i'm bringing a doctor's note in for documentation. I called in every day to the attendance line and heard nothing back from them, nothing I could do because I spent the entire week doubled over in pain in my bed. I've worked sick before, but these headaches were way too intense, the worst I've ever experienced.

My current girlfriend has also shown the sides of her that remind me why I like her in the first place. Sure, she's a bigger girl and ideally I'd prefer a shorter, thinner more 'sexy' girl, but she's a great people person and a great conventional "housewife" type. During the last few days, she's driven me around, cooked for me, spent time looking after me while I was resting in bed and even took me to the doctor when no one else could and I was in no shape to drive. Her people skills really shined when we went to a magic tourney in a brief flash of me feeling better. Not only did she chat up my brother's friend and become friends with her, but she also was having a great time chatting with all of the guys at the card shop and was even introducting them to me since we all got split up into different tables. It makes me believe she can help me make friends, which I've always struggled with.

I still feel massively sick, nervous about work and a final monday, but somehow it'll all work out, I got through this, and somehow I'll get through any other challenges thrown my way.

  1. redjayson 9 years ago

    sorry your sick i hope you get better

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  2. snowdreamer 9 years ago

    your current girlfriend sounds like she can do a lot of things for you including helping you feel better giving you time to heal yourself by taking care of everything else for you so you could concentrate on you.  She also sounds like a very friendly, outgoing person who yes could introduce you to a lot of friends.  You may want shorter and thinner but isn't it more important to have what's on the inside?  Beauty shines from the inside not the outside that's just and added bonus…..

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