School days, we all been to school sooner or later, if you know what I mean. High School is the worst time all your life, the quiz, the test, the exams, and the more of everything to etc. Most people don’t know how hate it is for student, parents point of view is free time and to teens its hell. What is there is nothing, no homework, no exams, no school; what would it be like: Teens and Parents points of view will turn the tables. Parents will never know all the new struggles in school of today and too come. Bullied kids die, the bullies will maybe do all the same thing they did too the next.

  1. jayce 1 year ago

    i was the bully in my school. im sure plenty of people would like me dead. or worse, living the way i live now. im not telling you to have sympathy, but i will say it was never about them, not really. i dont even remember all their names, but i see their faces often enough when i sleep, among other things. ive done alot worse than just kick someone in the mouth. i suppose what im trying to say is bullies suffer, otherwise they wouldnt be bullies. maybe im just trying to bring both sides to a one-sided argument. its not an excuse, i hate myself for the way i made people feel. but maybe new perspective may make it easier to understand

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    • jayce 1 year ago

      let me reiterate, bullying is fucking horrendous, there is no excuse for it. im sorry if people are treating you badly, its not cool no matter what anyone says.

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