Sorry I haven't written in awhile- I've actually been battling a cold which has been kicking my [email protected]@ so I've been sleeping alot.  Actually, a lot has been going on.

 First of all, a follow up to the Will story.  I've talked to him on the phone a few times since then and I've been nice to him but not overly nice either. Yesterday I call another game store nearby and was talking to my friend who is a manager and he says "So I hear Will hit on you and you totally shot him down! Thats awesome!" and I start freaking out.   Apparently my reputation is preceding me. My friend thinks its cool because Will didn't have the right to ask me out in the first place, but I'm just worried what other people in the company might think. Maybe that I'm a stingy bitch? grr I hope not.

Second on the relationship front I've been talking a lot more to my friend Tyler. As geeky as it sounds, I met him on WoW about a year ago, and we really get along so we've been really good friends until recently when he wasn't on much anymore. Well, I finally found him again and I guess he's been having problems sleeping, but now that I'm playing more he is too.   I met his RL best friend on there and we had a nice long talk- and I guess Tyler really likes me a lot more than I thought! We've been talking and he wants to come visit. Is it uber creepy that I'm TOTALLY EXCITED about it? Don't worry ya'll, hes not the stalker type, since my friend had a problem with that back in high school I've been really careful about it.  But I do really like him, and I think we would really hit it off in person.

Thirdly, I've also been talking to Joel- aka Mr Perfect. Not much new there but I was the first person he called when he got a new job and was really excited about it.

Fourthly, still living with the ex and deciding what to do there.  I don't know, I know I might be making a mistake going for other people since at one time my ex and I had the best chemistry ever, but I just don't want to be with him right now. I feel bad, because he IS really nice and does everything I want him to, in the end I just don't care ya know?

I've also been reading alot and working on my panic book.  Its true, at first things are more difficult but I'm looking forward to when I feel less anxious and panicky.

Thats about it for now. Peace! 


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