Books you have read only

Best book about women: white oleander by janet fitch

Last Book You Read For Fun: for fun? i'm reading the art and craft of poetry right now, its fun

Best Required Reading in College: never went

Best Required Reading in High School: the great gatsby, or the stranger

Most Surprisingly Good Book: its never a surprise when its good…but i'll say…animal farm

Last Book To Make You Cry: the lovely bones

Longest Book You Have Read: hmm probably harry potter that shits loooong

What Book Is #1 on Your List To Read: a million little peices

Worst Required Reading: the canterbury tales

What Book Have You Never Been Able To Finish: john (about john lennon)

What Book Have You Read The Most Times: diary by chuck palahniuk…3 times

What Book Have You Read That You Could Never Quite Comprehend: the catcher in the rye…didnt really like it, yet everyone praises it. maybe i just dont get it or something

Pick The Closest Book To You Turn To Page 77. Pick The First Sentence On The Page. What Does It Say: :"we couldn't pride ourselves on being outcasts while shunning all the other socially inept students who wanted in to our little club'- how soon is never? by marc spitz 

What Book Would You Like to ReRead: the bell jar, or fight club

Favorite Childhood Book: where the sidewalk ends by shel silverstein

Most Action Packed Book: harry potters of course

Favorite Book Of All Time:  oh damn. i couldnt say.

Most Interesting Book: invisible monsters by palahniuk…

Book You Stay Up All Night To Read: harry potter and any of palahniuks books

Most Emotionally Draining Book: of mice and men? i dont know

Most Overrated Book You Have Read: catcher in the rye yet again

Best Short Story: i like everyone by chekov yet i have to say the cask of amontillado by poe…that was sweet.


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