Ok so i havent blogged in a while (some of u guys blog like ur taking breaths) but i fnaly have something to blog about. Im currently at a college doing a per-university course training to do social work. we cover many different topics such as ethics, law, social welfare, sociology and so on…and we have to cover many issues of the day like adoption, euthanasia, poverty, education….all that sort of thing. so yesterday we where covering abortion, a very hot topic, and one i must say i dont like very much. training to be social workers we have to be able to see boths sides of the issue but it still upsets me. So we where shown a film…it was from a group called the league of life or something and the film is called The silent scream. now it was a pro-life group from the uk and they take this film to schools to show kids why they should not have an abortion. Now first off i think i should say that i respect both sides of this argument. its a very moral issue that is very personnal and i really dont have a wild opinion in either direction on it. but this film really really upset me….it was horrific….i wont go into details but it was so discustingly graphic i had to put my head in my hands and not look at it. such a heavy handed method is a terrible thing to show to kids. i got very very upset. well that was me off to the ocd races that night…as bad as ive had it in months. trying to go to bed but had to keep checking…ggrraaaahhhh…..im so mad at that film. i dont mind them having that opinion but do they have to be so harsh with it? if my neice is ever shown that without her moms concent im gonna blow my stack with that school. anyway…there it is.

  1. Lalaya 15 years ago

    Hey i agree with you.. films like that should not be shown to kids.. abortion, what a sticky subject.. im of the opinion its a personal choice, i dont like it, but i couldnt possibley condemn it.. iv never been in a situation were’s i needed to contemplate it and unless i was i dont think i have any right to say ‘its wrong’ i dont however agree with abortion past the 13wk period.. but thats another story i guese. im sorry this subject stired up your ocd :/ that sucks.. hope you managed to push past it fairly quickly..

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  2. iamabadger 15 years ago

    Hey adra, thanks for your words of encouragement. I hated to hear that you had that experience. I had a similar one watching a movie called “Pulp Fiction” with John Travola. It is a VERY violent movie which left some visual images that I cannot get rid of.

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