i got my seasonal job yay! good news..and my test raised my math score 7 points! im so surprised i did that well on it..considering all i had been through in the last week.i must continue to do well!


well dad came back home tonight AGAIN,i frankly dont know what to think anymore about the situation. he asked if i would be happy if they worked things out..my only answer was its up  to them im going to be gone in a few months anyways..or atleast be getting a appartment hopefully! Mom was still acting weird..they had a few private convos..i just stayed in my room and went to my job interview for my christmas job i always do yay…i dont know about my other job..the new store manager hasnt contacted me i had to go in there to even find out the old one was fired..he got a attitude with me kind of..and the woman working said she did not like him..and that woman has been with that company since forever..


the inside dog is sleeping with me tonight..mom doesnt wana have anything to do with her right now it seems.shes the one that takes "doggie prozac" and has nerve issues. this was mothers "Golden dog" before all this happened so much for that..my bedsheets are lepard print and black though..and shes a red pomerainian grr..oh well..the animal lover came out of me cause i know she doesnt understand..hell im not sure I even understand..


gonna go look at a car with my friend tommorow..he wanted a new one and i told him about it…he is also going to fix my computer key thats loose,and maybe grab a bite to eat..so thats SOMETHING im doing tommorow..i havnt spent time with a friend in forever it seems…hm gota study to..well comments are welcome! Laterz…

Photo by misty2007 on deviantart..gotta give credit where its due!

  1. buffster 13 years ago

    \..guess its best 2 take a page from the Hypocratic Oath when it comes to         parents hemming & hawwing like they are.."First?? Do No Harm"..when things are in a state of flux like this its best doing what you are & just stay clear of the situation..they were a "couple" before they were "parents" & as such its up to THEM 2 work things out..you have your own life to lead & live now..as it sounds like you’re doing..congrats on the seasonal gig & math score hun..\

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    I agree with buffster, so I won’t add anything.

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