Saturday we had a good day. I met mom at Taco Bell and we spent an hour with the kids, bought them lunch and had a pretty nice time.  We had a hard time pulling into the parking lot because the power steering was acting up and we didn’t know why. It took us some time to get into a parking space because we couldn’t really turn the wheel sharp enough to turn in so we had to wait for a space where we could pull in straight. Once we got parked and went inside though everything was fine. The kids had a good time and then they went back home with grandma and my husband and I left. We stopped to get a carton of mountain dew then we headed home and about 2 streets away from the house the car totally died. We had to push it off to the side of the road and then walk back to the house. I called my mom and told her about it, dad wasn’t home but mom said she would text him and let him know what happened.  Later that night my daughter had a melt down but not as bad as the others. Mom was able to handle her pretty well. She told me that she is starting to recognize the triggers and is able to redirect the behavior before it starts, most of the time. The thing that she hates the most and is really upsetting her is the fact that my daughter is constantly pooping in her pull-ups and mom has to change her and clean her up. She says it wasn’t so bad when she was a baby but at 14 years old it’s just too much for her to deal with.

Saturday night I ended up getting sick. I have Gastroparesisa disease in which the stomach cannot empty itself of food in a normal fashion. Symptoms include heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and feeling full quickly when eating. Treatments include medications and possibly surgery. This is a common condition in people with diabetes. So, I ended up spending the majority of the night throwing up.  By Sunday morning I was feeling better, was able to eat finally without it coming back up. Since I was up most of the night I slept in till about 11am and then got up and started more cleaning. Around 2pm my mom called and said that my dad was on his way over to look at the car so I woke my husband up and told him to get up and get dressed. I was cleaning and didn’t know much about what was wrong with the car so I figured the hubby could deal with that himself.  They went up and managed to get the car started long enough to drive it back to the house. My dad discovered that the serpentine belt had come off so now we have to get that fixed.

After dad left I did some more cleaning, made dinner, and watched a movie while I ate. My husband took out one bag of trash and went back to bed. My mom called me around 7pm and my daughter was having another major melt down and she wanted to talk to me, mom figured I might be able to calm her down. I did calm her down and then told her that she needed to be a good girl and not give grandma any trouble. My mom was able to then get her ready for bed and lay her down because she has school in the morning. Tomorrow I suppose I’ll do more cleaning and when ever my husband gets out of bed he’ll deal with the car. If he’s not up by at least 3pm I’ll wake him up because we can’t afford to not have the car fixed, I have court on Friday and need the car. He told me that I could walk to the court house but that’s about a half hour walk from here and I get sores on my feet from the diabetes so I really don’t want to walk that far. I’ll have to though if he doesn’t get the car figured out.

He hurt his arm a few days ago, we assume that it’s a pulled muscle, he refused to go to the ER so I don’t really know what he did to his arm but he had poor range of motion in it for a few days because of the pain. It’s doing a bit better today but still hurts him a lot. He can’t really lift anything with that arm so he’s limited on what he can do around the house. Mostly he just sleeps or watches videos on the computer. He’ll eat meals then go back to bed. I don’t mind really because it keeps him out of my way so I can clean in peace. Normally he has a habit of waiting until I start cleaning and then suddenly decides to start asking me questions or start up a conversation and I’m like dude, no offense but I’m busy here. When I clean I get right into, work fast, and don’t like to be distracted. I can clean an entire room in the time it takes him to do one little chore. That’s mostly be cause he takes breaks every five minutes, constantly talks instead of cleaning, and if he finds something he lost like a screw driver or something, he sits and plays with it for ten minutes. I have to keep telling him to put it away and look at it later. He’s like a kid I swear lol So It’s easier for me to do it all myself and let him sleep.

I still have a lot to do but the bulk of the cleaning is done. I got all the trash up and taken out, cleaned the cupboards out, threw out a lot of old canned foods that were expired. I got the counter tops wiped down and the floors are swept but still need mopping. The floors need vacuumed, and eventually I want to shampoo the carpets too. After the floors are done I’m going to work on the walls and more of the deep cleaning. After that we should be good to go. The CPS worker said that she is going to inspect the house sometime this week, probably on the 6th. So as long as it’s all done by then we should be good.


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