My introduction to the world of bipolar disorder started in 2001, where I actually spent my 26th birthday in the psych hospital. I remember one particular nurse refused a peice of chocolate birthday cake, saying, “I don’t stay this thin eating stuff like that” haha.

So fast track through the years, I was medicated for 19 years up until last October. I stopped the one bipolar I had been on, being sick of always being tired. 5 months later and nothing bipolar is making itself apparent. I am however waiting for my husband to say, I need to go back on meds, just like my GP said to me recently. I have never been treated so badly by a doctor. Trying to explain to her about my allergy symptoms weren’t getting better and out of the blue she goes, “I really think you need to go back on your bipolar medication” and I was like wtf???? wait a sec, what has bipolar got to do with allergy symptoms??? and she had proof from a blood test that my allergy indicators were sky high!!! That visit very quickly went downhill and I told her I wouldn’t be seeing her again. Promptly reporting her and how she treated me.

Anyhow, so I feel like I am always going to be viewed as the crazy unmedicated bipolar lady. I am just waiting for my husband to use this against me, as an excuse not to listen to my view on things we are currently not speaking to each other for. oh we can go DAYS without speaking to each other. shows just how healthy he is too I guess. But he’s not bipolar. Will I forever be labelled?


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