And so I felt you again

So near me

So close to me

That my air was going away

My heartbeat started

I couldn’t breath

Tears would just come out

I couldn’t describe

The confort and pain that

You brought to me

Once again

I felt that dear pain

My friend

I thought I had lost you

For a brief moment

For a few weeks and there

You were living inside of me

Never to let me be free

For it is not you

It is I

It is me

Living this obstruction

Of regrets and misery

I created you

You have created me

Hand in hand we go along

So violently

I turn around only to see

nothing but debris

and so I live

a day at a time

an hour a minute

Not even in dreams

can I be free

Not even in dreams

Can I dream

Of  better days

So I put a smile

and so I live

Because the world

dosent stop

for you or me

Tick Tock Tick Tock

goes the world

My heart keeps pounding

I wonder when

it will stop

I wonder when

my heart will drop

and so with pain I go

interacting with the flow

For you are my dear friend

my enemy

the reflection of my soul

the reflection of my pain

and so you will be with me

until the day I die

holding me


holding to the consequences

of my actions

for everyday I’m reminded

by the pain

by my brain

and by you my dear friend

How can explain to others

what I hold dear

how can I explain

that youre eating me alive

no one cares

not even time

and so I lay down

looking at the sky

maybe tomorrow

I will be ok

maybe tomorrow I will be save

from myself and from others

maybe tomorrow I can go back

to change my past

for I live in the past

not the present

not the future

days become one


thats what years are

that what time is

Oh my dear friend

let go of my hand

Let me suffocate alone

and with my youth

I will remain

in this eternal dream

of pain.


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