We all are struggling with anxiety. We are all afraid, and most of us may feel alone.

None of you are alone, even if you don't have someone close to you who understands, we all are here to find help and to help. I know I am open to speak with anyone and try to help any way I can.

Do me a favor today?

When you feel alone today and you are struggling with anxiety, take a moment to close your eyes and think of a place where you would be at peace with no anxiety as you take deep breaths. Hold that image in your mind and let the cause of your anxiety slip away. Hold this image in your mind when you open your eyes, cling to it and push through whatever is causing your anxiety knowing that you will be able to be in your safe haven soon enough.

And most of all don't forget to find a reason to smile and a reason to laugh.

While I know this is no simple task, it can be rewarding. So please, I ask you to try this. And if it works for you let me know, maybe even share the place you thought of to calm yourself.

When I am unable to have D with me I close my eyes, take deep breaths, and picture I am at his place with him, sitting on the couch playing video games, laying in bed watching a movie, or just cuddling.

My aim is to make this image the only thing I am focused on, and when I am successful I am able to make the world around me dissapear, even if only momentarily there is nothing more amazing than a moments peace in the middle of chaos.

It may take some practice for some, it may come naturally for others. But I urge you to try.

I hope everyone has a most amazing day, anxiety free.

  1. nicedd 8 years ago

    great advice.you should read Mindfulness for Beginners.Alot of what you are talking about is Mindfulness.feeling the anxiety and letting yourself completly feel it and letting it go.

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  2. Aerii 8 years ago

    I was did this on the bus today, it helped a decent amount. Not entirely but it helped keep my anxiety at a more manageable level.

    But instead of focusing on cuddling with my hunni I closed my mind and let an image of us in the future come to me. It was beautiful and I found my shakes dissipate and I relaxed.

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