Hi Everyone,

I’ve been going through an emotional thunderstorm ever since I broke through the denial THAT WAS my emotionally abusive, decades-long marriage. In the 10 months since I’ve been living on my own and going through the divorce, I’ve found vomiting my trauma through words tremendously cathartic.

For those familiar with the agony of losing perfectly wonderful authentic selves because they were too confused or fearful to believe the truth, maybe this will resonate.



I’m almost to the point where I can’t write “trauma poetry” anymore–even though I’m going to be eternally pissed off. Overall, I think that’s a positive sign!

Take Care!


  1. aryw1 4 months ago

    It’s awesome to hear that you are working on healing. My split is super recent. Its encouraging to know it gets easier

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      professorlisa1 4 months ago

      Hey! I was a complete wreck and spiraling out of control; you have NO idea how bad it was getting. The healing and turning point happened amazingly suddenly (It wasn’t like a slow upward progression). I went lower, lower, lower, and then right when I was about to snap forever, a miracle happened and I had a renewed sense of personal strength.
      One thing that made a HUGE difference was the book by Meredith Miller THE JOURNEY: A roadmap for self-healing after narcissistic abuse.
      Stay in touch. It will definitely get better.

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