Finally I have been waiting from december for this.

I just hope he doesnt tell me that I need to go to a nice quite place again. I can't leave my dogs and I will not leave them with my boyfriend at all!!!! SO that isnt an option for me.

The biggest part of anxiety is i belive my boyfriend. he is always on my back about something and everything. i feel as i am stuck. I am medically covered under him. When I try to go out and work I get very ill. He knows this . He knows how sick I get. Yet he is on me really hard about work. I am going to see if I can get some training or something to get away. I cant do this anymore. He talked me in to buying three properties with my money with his name on them. He is always threating to leave me and threating to sue me.

He uses agisnt me that we dont have sex. I cant tell him the truth. He sucks really really really bad and I think dropping a hammer on my foot would be more enjoyable.

I dont want to be in the city anymore. Someone is always beeing shot or robbed or the car fumes make their way into my apt though the closed windows. I have to move my car all the time , i get tickets. Everyone feels as if they have to aproch me on the street. I dont want it any more.

for me to come up here to my house is a huge fight. he gets all bent out of shape over it. i have to get away from him and i am not sure how since i am sick most of the time.i dont know. this blog was suppose to make me feel better writing my worries and thoughts down and its making it worse.

i dont have friends or family to go to . i am just trapped


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