Alright…So here's a quick entry for today, Mostly just venting and ranting, Sorry.

So, Like I said in my last entry I've been here for 3 weeks now, and it looks like it's gonna be going into it's 4th week soon and I have no Idea when i'll be able to leave. As you can probably tell, I'm sick and tired of being here by now.

I'm already stretched out to my limit dealing with my disorder's and what not, I don't need this crap to deal with! people in and out of my room every five minutes it feels like, Having them ask you basically the same questions each morning, going down for procedures so they can check for god knows what.

Today my mom came (she had to go into work today) and my brother, and she's already pushy and bitchy and says shes having a nervous breakdown…SHE'S HAVING THE BREAKDOWN!? THEN WTF HAVE I BEEN HAVING? HELL I SHOULD JUST BE DEAD AT THIS POINT!

I can't stand her, she's here all of 5 seconds, has her little tantrum and leaves. I'm trying to deal with to much to deal with her and her problems. Then of course there's the doctors and nurses saying I should get out of my room, go to the 'playroom' or other actives they have for us.

I don't feel well, I don't want to waste time building some boat with home depot or whatever with a bunch of other sick teens or kids and the 'child life' people who are assigned to our floors. (She's nice i've met her before since i'm here so much but she's to nice at times it annoys me.)

The only thing that was worth getting out of my room for was when Animal Kingdom came and brought animals, and then Dog therapy helped to, But at the same time it just makes me miss my dogs even more.

Though, I might be able to see Spicegirl and Snowball tomorrow (that's their names) so pray it works out, I miss them so much, I feel like their my only true family at times y'know? It's hard to explain, I just feel so much better around animals then I do people.

So…there's that. Anyway, I just want to get out of here and lock myself in the comfort of my room away from the world, and I was this stupid tube out of my goddamn nose and stomach.

I don't even know what to say or type at this point, I'm in alot of pain mentally and physically and I'm just at a loss for words, I really don't know why I keep trying.

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  1. Mo 11 years ago

    Still thinking of you girl. Glad the animals brought you a flicker of joy and that you get to see your pups. YES animals are better than people. Kudos to you for continuing to go thru this medical shit. You are brave.

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