Hi there,  I have had lots of problems with my computer,  so I have not been on this blog site lately, but I miss you all.  I hope everyone is as okay as they can be.   I am hanging in here, after loosing my best friend and uncle who I took care of.  I guess the ones who are left behind are the ones that hurt and have to learn to move on.  Much Much easier said than done.  We are going to spend the holidays with my friends husband,  who was also left behind..   He is our family now and before she passed as well.   I spend most of the day at work,  I am taking care of the elderly and the handicapped.  I also spend many hours a day taking care of my animals,  of which, some are also very handicapped.  They are my babies.   I love to take care of people,  but its nice to be taken care of  as well.  So I guess now you know what I have been up to.  If anyone needs to talk or just wants to talk OCD or not, please send a comment.  I just started here not too long ago, and I dont really know too many of you.   Hope to chat or hear from anyone.  As far as my illnesses,  well I dont have to tell you guys, it is a daily struggle for me,  I have many different illnesses and take many medications, which have many side effects.  Today, is my day off and I am really glad to be home.  I am a homebody, and to me there is no place like home.   Its a very unorganized home, but its my home.  I still have many symptoms, despite my meds.  Organization and throwing things away have always been a real big problem for me and I just keep bringing stuff home despite the fact that there is no where to put it.  Does anyone have this problem as well?  I also have to buy things to make me feel better, even if its just a small item for ten cents.  The longer the shopping trip the better I feel until I come home and cant find a spot for whatever it is.  I also had a really confusing upbringing and its effected me so much sometimes I feel as though that items are what my person is supposed to be and that they make up my personality.  I didnt really learn the basics of life until I was much on in years.  Well if your not confused by all this, than maybe you can shed some light !!!!!!


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