Tomorrow my dad and I are going to take Emory (Guinea pig) to a lady who runs a rescue. It is going to be bittersweet I suppose. We have had Guinea pigs since 2005. I will admit piggies are harder to care for than say a cat or dog. But they have such big personalities and are interesting to watch. Whenever we get their dinner (a plate full of veggies) ready, they begin to squeeze loudly. Man I will miss that.
One of my cousin's cats passed away a few days ago. He was out at my grandma's to bury him. My father and I have buried two cats and five guinea pigs out there…so that section of the property is a kind of pet cemetary. I like they fact I can visit their resting places when I need to. I hope my cousin is doing ok. Phineas, his cat, was very laid back. He was the only cat that liked his belly rubbed LoL
My parents have mentioned asking my cousin if he would take Harley and Lexie…that possibility hurts unbearably…but I know we have our hands full currently. I saw Harley and Lexie come into this world and the thought of giving them up breaks my heart. But I know there is tension between Ellie (brother's dog) and the cats. My parents think if we get rid of two of the five, the problem will improve. I'm not so sure. Misa causes problems too. She is a b**ch to everyone but my dad. Sophie (the cat my dad rescued from the school) is very independent and not much of a cuddler. And Paint (Harley and Lexie's mama) isn't much of a cuddler either. You have to be careful where you pet Paint. She'll lash out of you go anywhere near her stomach. But she has a sweet side. She seems to be thankful we took her in (haha). Paint was one of three cats dumped near our house a few years ago (the other 2 cats with her have either passed or gone off). I consider her the lucky one.
The fact I took pictures of Haley and Lexie has they grew and wrote down when they achieved milestones makes possibly letting them go hard too. *Refer to my gallery to see the adorable pictures*


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