I’m so goddam sick and tired of this abuse and theres nothing I or anyone can do about it. Once again that fuucking prick I call "father" freaked out on my mother again while I stepped out of the house for an errand.  He’s a fuucking bastard. He only does this when I’m not at home b/c no one else will stick up for my mom and his disgusting behaviour. What the fuuck is wrong with him. I wish my mom had the strength and courage to just move away, but then no one would be here for the baby (my nephew). I don’t want to wish death upon him, but I don’t know much more damage he will do before someone kills themself. My mom doesn’t deserve any of this shit, and I can’t even be there for her b/c she wants to deal with it alone. I have to work with this sick abuser in about a month and I really wish I didn’t have to, but I already committed to it.

I just hate him so much and what he’s done to destroy this family.

My mom has no money to her name right now, and I have a bad feeling about the fact that my sister and her have began to start using money out of the baby’s account for their little personal expenses.  Although he’ll be inheriting alot of money with the passing of his father, I just know my mom is going to get carried away due to her past gambling addictions.

People don’t realize that every year prices increase, so just b/c you have access to money now, doesn’t mean you need to spend it. Every penny counts these days…

I wish there was something I could do about this abuse.. anything but I can’t report it or talk to anyone about it.

This is my life… I can’t even leave my family b/c then something even more damaging may happen…

When I get older I want nothing to do with my "father", the verbal abuser…

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  1. Diana 15 years ago

     I”m not sure if your family will be okay, but I have no doubt that you”ll be fine once you get away. I know that you want to save your family (except of course your prick of a father) but we all must think of ourselves, even if that does sound awful. Sometimes, a situation is so damaged that there is nothing we can do to make it better and leave behind what holds us back. I wish I could be of more help, I know that all the support I can give you is just words on a page but keep faith in your own strength. 

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