So it’s been a longggg time (maybe couple years) since last being on this, thought I was doing fine, able to cope with just my psychaitrist. How wrong I have been. I have made so many mistakes and living with so many regrets, I have limited friends, which only seems to be getting smaller, I try not to push people away, I feel the need for more friends, more people for support, I no longer see my psych and am no longer on medication. I like to think I’m strong enough to cope without it. It’s getting bad again 🙁 im feeling sooooo lonely, like I have no one  I’ve pushed friendships and relationships away, no one wants someone with bipolar anyways. Im feeling so trapped. Just want to be normal.

  1. vwxyz 3 years ago

    God, I wish I were “normal” too.
    But hey.. making mistakes and having regrets is part of your life. It’s part of everyone’s life. Look.. you can’t change what happened on the past, maybe you could concentrate on not making the same mistakes again in the future. I do that, because regret doesn’t bring me anything.
    I know it sounds kinda cliche, but there is strength in admitting help. In letting your pride down.
    That’s something not many people can do. Something to be proud of.
    Maybe I don’t have the right to tell you anything, but.. maybe it’s better to see a psych again and go back to your medications..
    If it helps, it helps right?

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  2. Author
    pe19 3 years ago

    I’m having a good day today, but I think I should definitely contact my doctors again see what they can do, I don’t want medication if I can help it, I was against it before but it does help. I just want a way to help myself and learn my own coping mechanisms that don’t always require lifetime on medication. It definitely is a struggle letting my pride down, it’s quite difficult but a step forward is getting back onto this and hopefully talking to people who can somewhat relate. Thank you 🙂

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