I have an interview with an establishment I'll call "Lover's Den" at eleven today. I put in an application mainly to prove to DF that I was willing to take on a second job if nothing better than J.C. Macydale's called me. A day later I got the "when can you come in for an interview?" call. I can't get enthused. I don't even WANT to work there–not because they sell dildos and hooker boots, but because I'm simply tired of the retail shananagans. I'm tired of playing at cheerful for someone else's benefit. I'm tired of the artificiality. It doesn't matter where I go–all the customers are the SAME.

LOL! I know this sounds like a really lame joke. I wish it was.

Even DF knows that it might not even be worth gettting worked up over. He agreed that I should just go for the heck of it, and if it's not worth the trouble, say "no thank you" and move on. At least I'm still generating a good work history with J.C. Macydale's.

ANYWAY!!! On a much, much brighter note, DF's dad's estate check will soon be in the mail. His sister sent him a message that a check for $15,000 will be in the mail in a few days. She also noted that her husband will be working on X-mas and that we were welcomed to come.

I told DF that even though he was still pretty upset with his sister, there was no reason not to maintain a functioning relationship with her and his neice. Life is just too short to feud with family over money. Screw the parasitic husband. He brought it upon himself.

DF is going to talk to a real estate guy on Friday. YAY!!! We're both very excited to finally be able to ACTIVELY look for a house now. It'll be an adventure.

Last night DF looked at me and said "It's gonna be scary".

I said, "I know, but most things that are worth it are."


  1. xillah 11 years ago

    Ha! I'll see what I can do, Ray.

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  2. xillah 11 years ago

    Got the job. Funny that the easiest interviews are the ones for jobs that I don't care about getting.

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