So today was better =] thanks to the two of you who commented on my last blog =] it made me feel less alone =]

So today was better, i talked to my friend (whos boyfriend was the jerk) and she explained that he was having an off night, but for some reason he got the need to take it out on me.  But its all good cause he apologized and all that mushy crap (me and him were friends long before him and my friend started dating)

however, my friend who thinks she  is the sh*t threw another bitch fit today. All my friends hate her and my parents hate her and my horse riding trainer hates her.  She went crazy when ever me and my other friends were talking.  she was fine around me but then got all pissy and moody.  According to my friends she hates seeing me happy and is jealous when i talk to my other friends.  she also expects me to do everything in the world to make her happy.  Which i love making others happy, but she just takes advantage.  Shes 18 im 16 and she makes me guilt her into driving her EVERYWHERE.  Literally EVERYWHERE.  She also guilts me into buying her starbucks and food and crap like that.  then apparently complains about what an awful friend i am when she is the one convincing everyone im a whore

On positive news again My horse is okay and ill be able to ride again in a month thank god.  I dont think i could have handled not being able to show again before i graduated.  Then last night i thought i got a rejection letter from a college in england im looking at.  They told me i didnt have enough AP classes so i was like "oh crap" but i wrote them back telling them i skipped a grade and took a spanish honors class and that i did a summer program at cambridge.  And they wrote me back asking me about my current classes and my cambridge classes.  So maybe there is hope =]

But im SUPER anxious right now because i have an AP paper due at midnight tonight and a physics and AP chemistry test tmmrw.  CRAP!

over all feeling better today though. 


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