Not being able to escape my mind has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had a face in my entire life. The realization of knowing at the end of the day that nobody really cares makes me not wanna be here anymore. I’ve never felt this alone and rejected. I hope I can find a reason soon, otherwise I’ll be glad to clock out.

  1. kellnicolerosner 1 year ago

    I understand. I’m so sorry. I know I am just one stranger, but hopefully these words will help: if you need somebody to talk to, I can do my best to help you. I am struggling myself right now as well, so I hope knowing you aren’t alone in your fight is reassuring. You can do this.

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  2. billiam40 1 year ago

    Please know that I care. Why would a stranger care about you? Because I AM you. I promise that I am experiencing the same feelings as you and there are 141417 Tribe Members on this site that can relate to you. You are not alone! If you’re like me, you joined this tribe because you were looking for a connection with other people who might understand and feel the way you do. At the same time, you have so much to offer the rest of us. Everyone who reads your posts can identify with you and be helped by knowing that they aren’t alone either.

    Keep sharing your thoughts and feelings and we will do the same. Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to me or anyone else in this community. We are here for each other. Love and kindness!

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  3. soundhaven 1 year ago

    I feel that completely. In sales I get the honor of being in the presence of customers and managers that blatantly exhibit their non-care about my own person because they yell at and berate me for almost no reason. In fact, at times I catch myself wondering if it would be better if I were a robot and or prostitute so I can make more money in sales that I don’t actually make, I’m given it and “I must be grateful to my masters.” But, despite the bad feelings I try to remember that at the end of the day my own kindness and compassion towards myself that I DO DESERVE is what matters most. I am learning that I hate myself, and it’s ok, because even so I can still be kind to myself and remind myself that I deserve it. That even if I may not like everything about myself, or even at all, I can still try to say the positive “I am trying.” at least. And pat myself on the back for it. You can do it too. You sir/ma’am deserve LOVE, kindness, and compassion. And even if it’s cheesy, which btw I am allergic to cheese, I will cheese you a bit and say to you stranger I LOVE YOU and let’s hug it out!

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  4. kenzmarie15 1 year ago

    i totally get how you feel. some things that help me are thinking about my future. all the new people ill meet, i truly believe that there are people out there i haven’t met yet that will care about me. you deserve to be happy and live. YOU GOT THIS!!! i believe in you and i care about you even if i am a stranger.

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