This is actually one of my prior blogs that I am choosing to post again, as I originally wrote it to deal with a situation not to unlike the one that we are ALL experiencing now.  Even though it is kinda "between" just a few members- we are all "made" a part of it.  I'd like to remind you, like I do my children, that if a sibling is aggravating you, sometimes it's best to just IGNORE them.  That can be your most EFFECTIVE reaction!


The post from June 08 was this:


Just a few words to help deal with the recent "happenings" that seem to interfere with people's comfort level when using the site as it was intended.  We're all here to talk, to give support, to BE supported and understood, to get our feelings out– and even to "vent!"  We all know that this is to be done in a positive way and slinging negativity around whether initially or in response to someone else's thoughts, isn't necessary and is potentially hurtful.  I KNOW that no harm was intended by the initial response given and it would be nice if as a group we could move past this without all the subtle (and NOT so subtle!) little inuendos that are all over the blog space.  Certainly, we ALL have the right to blog whatever we want, whenever we want, within the rules of the site.  However, I think it's time to move past this situation.  Put it to bed already!  Let's show a little PMA, a little acceptance and understand that people have bad days… ALL of us!!  You know– we NEVER know what is going on in someone's life that makes them say (or write!) what they do and judging them is not our job.  That being said, I wish you all a great day… full of new beginnings and steps forward… with your OCD and your general walk through life!!  BTW– just a few words from Webster:

1. nonsense-words or language having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas; an instance of absurd action.

2.  forgive- to cease to feel resentment against(an offender)-pardon.

3. persevere- to persist in spite of counter-influences, opposition, or discouragement. 

4. relief-a removal or lightening of something oppressive, painful, or distressing. 

Understand the little bit of sarcasm I've interjected is simply to give a little giggle and suggest how this situation is viewed by many uninvolved readers.  It's OK, guys.. we ALL say and do things that sometimes elicit responses we weren't counting on.  So, for YOUR own sakes (and ours!  tee hee…) try to re-focus and "use your powers for GOOD and not evil!"

Have a wonderful day!!! 


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