So, It's Tuesday. Got a text and a phone message. Apparently I left my ladder somewhere which I didn't realise. Does that mean I have completely lost my sense of reality? A ladder is quite a big thing to forget. Got up early this morning then went back to bed as I thought I would. Been thinking since yesturday to make some new paintings. Just I want to clear some more boxes in the room first. No I dont have a studio. I was asked yesturday what I really wanted to do in life and surprisingly I said that I fancied being a volunteer worker maybe in Africa or somewhere that they could use me. In the UK most people seem to be looked after quite well unless they have opted out of the system. Im not depressed today, but I realise Im quite sensitive in general ( not overly) so I want to pace what I do more and plan things constructively. I still think of people in this tribe site. Just carry on somehow. Most people find they need to do some soul searching some time in their life. People say life is a bitch and then you die. Could be that life is crap and then you die, but it's not always like that. Even in the darkest and most miserable of lives, hopefully there are some good bits. Does that make anyone feel better? Anyway, thats my inadequate attempt at positive suggestions, and no I probably dont realise how hard life is for some people and that I'm just so insensitive to others needs and reality. So if I want to wish everyone a good day, I cant really say it as if I thought it was that easy for you all to have a good day, then I'm just not that aware. Hope you have a good day anyway if possible.

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  1. lightangel 9 years ago

    Thanks very much. I try to paint tomorow.

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