When my brother and I were kids we lived in Salt Lake City. My mom and dad both worked full time so we had to go to the sitters. Lucky for my mom and dad the sitter was right next door. So it was easy for them to drop us off. I don’t remember if they did anything to us kids before I was in Kindergarten. This family had six kids. They ranged from 18 to infant. Two boys and four girls! Two of the girls were about my age. They were the two mean ones. It began as them just bossing us around. Especially Ashley! Then they began to do really mean things. Like one time they took my shoes and hid them. When my dad came to pick me up I began to look for them. After about a half hour of searching with NO help from anyone but my dad I became very upset. I began to cry. Trisha and Ashley laughed! Then they gave me my shoes back! Why did it have to go so far as to me getting so upset. That was the day I began to hate them!!! I know kids tease each other but there is a difference between teasing and just being cruel! They were cruel. They locked us in the cellar downstairs and turned the lights out so it was pitch black. They would leave us there for hours! They shoved rock salt in my brothers mouth. They threw slush/ice balls at us in the winter time. They would ditch us at school, they would get a ride home but we had to walk! The mother did NOTHING!! She would shake her head and laugh. Perhaps she was just overwhelmed with her fucking brats and the others kids she babysat! I think the worse thing they did was take us into their church! They subjected us to their religion WITHOUT my parents permission. I remember my mom pulling up in front of the church just fuming mad! She walked in there and snatched us kids and took us home. Now being a mom I am going to teach my kids to not take anyone’s shit! Nobody has the right to be cruel like that. It basically alters your life! You don’t trust anyone you hate people (like mormons) etc etc!! I did write a letter to the mother of this family but she has not written back. Not surprised!! So Tom, Pat, J.T., Jenny Trisha, Ashley, Jordan and Taylor if I ever see any of you again you will be getting an earfull! I will lock you in the cellar, make you eat rock salt, take you to my church (and believe me you won’t like it! We dance naked around the fire on nights of the full moon and sacrifice small animals!! Just kidding) I will hide your keys so you can’t go anywhere. Get you really upset. Take it even farther then what you took it with me. See how you like it! Whew! I feel better!!!! (none of these stories have been embelished. They are all very true!)


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