Hi my name is Avery, lately my eating disorder has gotten worse i am trying to get better everyday but no matter how hard I try i just cant get my self to eat. I have anorexia, for a few weeks i was eating a little bit, but now again i cant get my self to eat at all. My anxiety is also through the roof, i am stressed and anxious about school, my family, my friends, grades, and my faith. Lately i have been down in the dumps my brother shoots me down and abuses me pretty much everyday even though i am trying my best to be the best sister i can. I have not gotten more than an hour and a half of sleep a day. I had a seizure yesterday. And had several panic attacks before that.  All my ‘friends’ told me that if i did not start eating, being happy calming down, and having seizures they would never talk to me again. I told them i am trying my best but yet again my best is not good enough for anyone. I try to be the best version of my and get up every morning with a smile on my face but i just feel like I do not deserve to be happy. I feel that I should be sad, I have not earned my happiness.


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