It's been a while since I've been seeing a psych and therapist regularly and unfortunately the place I used to go to has been closed and I dont know where the doctors relocated to. So today i had my first intake appointment at a new place. I just did the paperwork and talked with the therapist, then I got an appointment scheduled for the psych doctor to discuss medication. unfortunately his first available time to see me isn't until next month!! I scheduled an appointment for another intake at a different mental health clinic and hopefully they will have something sooner. It's been way overdue for me to get seen and get back on meds. I absolutely CANNOT function normally and live a normal life without the help of daily medication and regular counseling sessions. It's the only thing that works for me. HERE is what I'm worried about, see because I'm seeing this new doctor I never met before and I dont know how they are going to be, and I dont want him to think I'm just coming in there and diagnosing myself and telling him what I want etc. however I DO know what works for me and what doesn't I've been on meds for years and I think I know by now what I need to take to be able to function properly. I'm extremely anxious about this because I am so excited to go back to college and finish my degree but I cannot do schoolwork without my ADHD being treated and take medication for it. I dont want to hear the speech about addictive medications when I tell the doctor I need medication for it. UUGH! what do I do or say to this doctor?? I dont want him to think I am pill seeking! and I feel like if I blow the first appointment with him that he will never give me what I need and then i'll have to switch doctors AGAIN and start all over! HELP!! 🙁


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