The body is a machine, if you will… when we allow energy to build up, through in-action, through staying still in one place far too long, the energy inside builds up. Let's say you are bored, so you get up and find something to eat. Now you've just diverted some of that energy over to digestion, but after that, guess what? MORE energy available. And when you aren't using up your stash, your body will let you know. What do a lot of people seek at that point? A silver bullet. An easy out. When if they would just get up and move, direct their focus onto something productive, something fun, JUST GET ON WITH IT, this excess energy would not cause you to reach for a joint, or grab the bottle of benzos. We wouldn't want to dumb down our every sense, and if we could only find a way to embrace all that is there, all that is available, while we are here, while we can, we would learn the joy and the ecstacy that comes from living your best life. There is a thread of videos on the YouTube called "most awesome people." It has amazing feats of athletic ability, total adrenaline rush! I don't advocate that we all jump off mountain tops, but hey! At least we could get the heck outside, go for a run, and not have to have the validation or acceptance of anyone else to do that. I learned thirty years ago, that when you use the machine, it gives back to you in spades. The endorphins you feel after a good run, and a full hour work-out at the gym is better than all the narcotics available. It really is. It is healthy, natural, and so much fun. And I find that sleep is not so impossible either when you use the body like it was intended. If I had a kid, he would never even "see" a video game. And I dare say that our obsessions and our addictions are denied, and then we whine about feeling bad, or less than… all of that. We all have to grow up, whatever age we are. We have to stop being children. We find ourselves here, in this time and place, and I think most likely that it was our very own doing, our very own plan from the beginning. When we figure that out, it all begins to make better sense. I don't need a permission slip from anyone to do what I want to do. And I will not waste a single minute of my time left here. I just don't prefer to deal in stupidity. That's it! Have a good one! Later!


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