Sometimes life just refuses to let you be, even help causes me pain. I've been wanting to change my profile story about me to something , anything but my unimaginable deprivation, but there's no way to escape it, from day to day, even moment to moment. I recieved an e- mail today from my councelor about my situation and it made me regress back to anger, hurt,despair, grief, shock,numbness, overweloming cirmstances, abandoment,betrayal, and struggling to stay alive. She's helping me with trying to figure out why Legh left meafter I saved his life and took care of him during the Arterial Dissection ofthe cotoorid Artery in the brain, non operable,and everyone betrayed me,my bf's the one who's daughter was killed andI was there taking care of them, turned there backs on me and stoled my furniture, my friends and landlord who said I could stay even after Legh left, then thew me out when I was finally able to come to Ga., to see my mom with no warning after I was here in Ga.,backstabbers ! Then my landlord via the phone new i had no car, no income, no way to retrieve my property told me I could leave my things for a year then once again the phone rang 3 months laterand it was his live in girlfriend telling me I had 3 days to get my things or they were donatingthem to the habitat for humanity, thats when my so called bfs Diane and Kieth called and told me they were getting my belongings for themselves not for me.I found out today that Legh is back in everyones life Diane and Kieth, Tom's and Susan's, everyones,I can;t understand why after what hes done to myself and my family even with him having been sick. What he did is wrong what they did and are doing is wrong ! Why have they all stayed in contact with him and I've heard nothing from them except what i've told you up above, no phone calls since, no communication, nothing. Don't they miss me my awsome self ? Don't they miss my arms around Diane telling her its Shays arms around you and she says she loves you, doesn't Legh miss me when he had the brainbleedI wasin total control calming and lovingly attentive helping him until help arrrived, ok I'm starting to cry again , damm them all for this hurt ! I want let them win, I just won't if its the last breath i take I will suceed.I can't finish this right now…. maybe later…..maybe not…….


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