So, we spoke with the guy below us, his name is Cole. He asked what had happened yesterday with his roomate, and we told him. My boyfriend was pissed off about our apartment stinking like pot, so he went there and told him that he couldn't. That is was illegal. That it caused headaches. My friend Shane had also went with them to watch. Apparently, Shane being there threatened the room mate, and made him and his friend be on guard.

So, Cole informs us; "You can't tell my friend what to do. He doesn't like being told. You have to talk to him. He decided to get back at you by blasting music in the morning."

Well, I hadn't noticed that he had blasted it; our fan must've blocked the noise. But the fact that he confirmed that they were 'getting back' at us seems to reveal hostility. And, he made a comment like; "my black friend was there, too. He's crazy.' As in; "My friend will beat you up." I took this as a threat.

AND, an hour after we spoke with Cole, our apartment stank like pot! Which I think is his buddy and friends trying to smoke up and get us down there to do shit.

They *think* they can blast their music anytime as long as it's not between 11:00-7:00AM. This isn't the case. Legally, they can't have their noise blasting NO MATTER what time of the day it is! That's why his friend blasted it this morning; he thought it was fine as long as it's anytime. So, now, I guess the cops need to step in. But I don't know what to do about the pot. Canadian cops aren't strict when it comes to it, and even as passionate as my boyfriend is, if the guy is going to rebel and ignore us, then frig him. Seriously.

I don't want this. I think it's stupid. They're leaving in two months and although I thought I'd give Cole the benefit of the doubt, coming into the smell of pot makes me think otherwise. I guess I'll have to call the police on them. I sort of feel threatened, too. But my boyfriend basically threatened them back by saying pretty much; "Well, I get mad too." And he's small. He's good at karate, but I don't want this.

*sigh* Cole sounded resonable, so why did he go and do this? Really? He sounds down-to-Earth and like he doesn't want any trouble. He told me he moved his sound player so that it wouldn't bother us. Aside from the black guy friend thing, he seemed like he didn't want trouble. -_-

I have no choice, I don't want them to 'win' or think they've won by doing exactly what we asked them not to (ie; blasting music in the morning, and smoking pot all of the time). I don't know if he'll do it today but I'm stressed and ticked off with my boyfriend. And the smell of pot is giving me a headache.


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