Its been a very stressful week for my husband & I our beautiful 2 1/2 year old Jack Russell Gwen was a attracked by a 90 Lb Pit bull when my husband walked her to the mail box to check our mail . My husband was trying to do the husbandly duty by walking the while I was recovering from having my tubes Tied , I was on day 3 day of my recovery , I was laying in bed , which is where I was suposed to be , when the neighbors 15 year old daughter comes & bangs on the door , she tells me that my dog has been attacked , my husband is down at the mail box , holding our dog , screaming his head off , screaming for some one to dial 911 , I run into the house & grab towel to put over the Gwen , because she was bleeding bad , apparently my husband had bit by either Gwen or the pit bull . I then ran back inside grabbed my phone & dialed reach animal hospital , from there I warmed up the car , grabbed all of our stuff did my best to get Gwen in the car with out hurting her more , it was a challange to pick her up , because she was bitting me pretty good, simply bcause she was hurting so bad . The sherif department showed up along with animal control & banaged Gwen up enough so she would make over to animal hospital . From there my husband drove like bat out of hell , once we were at the hospital , I had to fill out a credit care papers because Gwen's insurence only covered $200 , & it was going to require more than to fix her , I got approved for $2600.00 credit care card , Gwen had to stay over night & had to have surgery , the doctor needed to do exploritory surgery to make sure she didn't have any internal bleeding or damage to her organs , from there hubby had to go the hosptial to get his finger looked at & stitched up , we didn't get home until 3 am , by the time we got home & took our medication we were completely exhausted , Finally at 8 am the vet hospital called us & let us know that Gwen was doing great, she told us that there was no internal bleeding , no internal damage , no organ damage & that she had put a drain in & that she had to give her lots of pain medication & that we could come pick up her any time we wanted . Hubby & I slept for a while longer & then we picked our Gwen up In he afternoon . The first night after surgery was very rough , our Gwen whined & cried , hubby had to end up going back to hospital for stronger pain medication , we did pain medication & antibotics 4 days , after that Gwen became too smart & very difficult & wouldn't eat & would take the antibiotics she needed , so we ended up taking her back the vets office , from there they ran a blood panel , turns out she was fighting off an infection , she didn't have an infection but she was fighting off one & was a little dehydrated , so they grave her IV Fluids , an antibotic shot that lasts for 14 days , took her drains , in order to do all this they had to sedate her just so they could handle her , they also replaced her pain patch with a new one , when they took her drain out , alot of fluid cam out . Since we have been home she has done much better , she has eaten a bit better , she has pottied better , she has had some diarrhea , she has peed , yesterday she drank a little water & ate like she couldn't get enough , but today she only ate this morning , didn't eat all the rest of today , then this evening she finally had a poop , then hate some gram crackers & some chicken , The vet told me to feet her chicken , with rice & chicken broth , this evenig when I called back & told then that she was hasn't really been wanting to eat anything , they told me to not give her antifamitory pill , try walking her more & see if she wants the gram crackers with some chicken , I did that right after she had a pooop & she ate & drank some water .. I have already filled out papers ready to sue this ass hole whom owns the pit bull whom is repsonsible for this , Gwen's medical bills are well over $2000.00 & when this does go to the court this ass hole with have to pay every bill of this back or else he will go the jail . I have pictures of all of this & I have every bill , he will not get away with is , I have to get justice for my Gwen , somone has to speak for her . My poor husband bless his heart , he hasn't slept in days, every time I have gotten up , he has gotten up , his nerves are complete shot , his anxiety is out the roof , thankfully my husband saved Gwen's life , he is the one whom punched the pit bull 3-4 times in order to get the pit bull to release Gwen from his grips . My husband has been so good through all of this & through this we have become a lot closer , This comming Wednesday Gwen will get her staples out & her cone off & my husband will get his stitches out his finger ..

  1. elf 7 years ago

    Oh, you poor thing. I am so glad it looks like Gwen will be OK. I hate irresponsible pet owners. How can they let their dogs run loose? I don't blame the dog. He was brought up to be vicious. I hope you get all your medical bills paid and then some for pain and suffering. (And the inconvenience of having to deal with it)

    Hope you did not damage yourself as you were supposed to be in bed recuperating.  

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  2. lonelyone56 7 years ago

    hope everything with Gwen will be ok you may want to buy yourself a air horn to frightenof vicious animal or a can of pepper spray just in case always beware ofyour surounding when walking your belove pet pit bulls are very sneeky they will see you and your pup before you see themif i was you i would certainly sue for the vet fees that you had to put yourself in debt  for air horns worksgreat by the way my name is gwen take care of your precious pooch

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