Wham-Bam and I hit the proverbial wall. I knew that good mood was too good to be true. I’ve hit that inevitable low I saw coming. I’m tired, cranky, emotional, and scraping with everyone. I’m barking at my kids for being too loud and fighting with my fiancé over wedding plans that are technically still god knows how far away since we haven’t set a date yet. I know it was ridiculous to be bickering over such trivial stuff since my divorce isn’t even final yet and there is no point even thinking about the wedding until I have those papers first. But I just feel so confrontational and vindictive. My ex has been dodging the Maintenance Enforcement agents by jumping from house to house of friends and family avoiding the collections so he does not have to pay me child support. Sick of his sh%t and as vindictive as I feel today I Hunted down the full names, address’, and phone numbers of everybody my no good ex knows and reported them all to the Maintenance Enforcement agents as people who may be possibly harbouring him or know how to find him. Let’s see how may people are still willing to help that dead beat after the government starts harassing everyone of them because he wont pay his bloody debts. Maybe a little peer pressure will force him to be a man. I know I should just report him and have him arrested and let him do some time for non payment as some of you have suggested, and god knows nothing would make me happier, unfortunately here I can’t do that. They won’t arrest him, I’m told it doesn’t work that way. So harassment is my only weapon, and I intend to make his life hell if I have too. I just had his drivers licence taken away from him and he has been band from registering or insuring a vehicle until his debt is paid. You think that would make him pay. God he is stubborn. That’s ok, so am I.

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  1. Lamia 12 years ago

    I have been there done that I understand where you are coming from. Good luck. I was lucky that my ex worked for a high level position and he could not dodge me or he would loose his job. But he was a jerk none the less. I hope you feel better. Venting is the best thing, let it all out and you will feel better. If you want to talk more, I am listening.


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