People are shitty. Thats the cold hard truth. Some people aren’t, and I hope to God each and everyone of you have found someone to listen and be understanding. If you haven’t I am here. I get it. Teenagers suck. Ive¬†dealt with awful people since I was 11 years old. Probably younger, but that is as far back as I remember. Little things add up. The bullshit people say, every little factor of every day, builds up til someone can’t handle it anymore. You have no idea what someone else is going through, so why the hell would you tease them or make fun. 13 Reasons Why gives a great insight. The smallest thing can push someone to a breaking point. To the point they end their life. I understand because Ive been there. So, we all need to be nicer. No one knows what someone else is going through, so quit messing with one another. We all need to be nicer. To be kinder. The smallest thing can push someone to their death. Try to consider someone’s feelings for once. There’s no way to know how someone else is feeling without listening to them. And then, who knows, you may just be the reason someone doesn’t end their life. Be considerate. Be kind. Have open arms. There is someone out there who may just need you to listen. Everyone goes through trial and error in life. People just make everything seem like it’ll be okay the next day. But no one knows what’s going on. Be nicer. Be kinder. For the love of God don’t be shitty. People rely on each other to get through life. Don’t be the reason someone ends there’s. Life is precious. Be kind and caring to one another.


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