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If you have a story you think would benefit visitors to this site this is your opportunity to post to a larger audience!

Visitors to the The Tribe will be invited to share and like your blog posts as well. Blogs can be inspirational stories, life experiences, reflections, or the honest truth about the struggles you face daily.

Tips for writing a good blog.

  • Thoughtful Title: Communicate what your blog is about, but also add some personality.
  • Eye Catching Imagery: This is a great way to stand out, as well as communicate the mood of your post.
  • Make a List: Lists make it easy for readers to scan your blog. And can help you organize your message.
  • Proof Read: Many times we leave typos and awkward sentences that can be corrected by a quick re-read.
  • A Hook and a Punch: A good blog will draw the reader in, and leave them with a message.

Thanks for contributing your story to The Tribe Blog. Once you have posted your blog, feel free to share it with other social networks as well. For many, mental health help starts with knowing they are not alone. As a member of The Tribe wellness community we have the opportunity to bring about change through our collective learning. Many begin their journey to recovery through the realization that others have faced similar challenges. Facing a mental health recovery alone can feel overwhelming. But as a community we can affect a positive change in many.

You are not alone. Spread the word. Thanks for being a force of change.

– Best, WebTribes Team

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  1. rap 5 years ago

    I can’t figure out how to write a blog.. World Gone Crazy..

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