hi dt wth ok hummm formulating dr's always formulate right lil sitting bull get your hinny ovah here big momma needs you and i mean stat thank goodness for you son or well meat grinder anyone dust huh lmao can not find jimmy hoffa lmao rotflmao the last name is massini NOT weeney rotflmao again i dont need no weed you all are my weed yet again i really know it works for me medicinal not that street crap the well i passioonlol french sorry lol how many different lingso's can i speak lol ask the old lady theresa that only let me care for her boy was i a bone head not to see what i see right now heck you were and are right on do not meet fire with fire honey any one omg help me lmao hold those tallons please we did it omg its all ovah with getouttahtown bone heads my fav bone heads we rock here we got madgkick opp s kick lol ummm humm did he really say horses huh oh gross what the heck does she look like katherine the grate telling me that zina lmao ZINA my grandmothers EUFRAzina duh well nancy i think i am finally up there and grounded at the same time boy lil sitten bull you can wll lol your always with me all of you bone heads lol the word for the day bois opps lol sorry d heheheh no I am not shit people ought to love one another the way we do huh muppstah oh man did i underestimate you lol cheese pie lmao lets get this party started get V you all know our music man kiss hilm on the forehead and on each cheek and omg midevil rotflmao dang gone scoprians some one call erics wife rotflmao bat shit crazy omg mel talking with delane roftlmao one big cosmic joke fokes and v lol t athat that thats all folks yeah just accept all this love thank you all for loving me untill i could love my self am i crying hello yes tears of utter joy and bliss we rock dt summer i shit ah shit lady what can i say i was a total idiot and i pray to Your Goddess that you will find it in your heart to forgive me i was hurt by something someone said no yelling no anger i can hear myself whisper come on snowie lets go dancen f it


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