What if people who opt to not be open to loving others actually hurt themselves more than than the people they seem to purposely hurt by their destructive choices and actions?

What if people who opt not to fully love others and treasure friendships only realize what they lost when it is too late and the damage is done.

Perhaps the people they lose are better off without the people who couldn’t treasure them when they had a chance.

Hurtful actions towards others is something they have to live with.    People they lose benefit from their foolish actions because the cruel people are at least showing their true colors.

Perhaps the consequences of losing true friendship and true love is what they deserve.   It came from bad choices.

The damage they would of done was at least limited by their ignorance of what really matters.

Sadly, the people who opt to be cold and cruel miss out the opportunity to experience true friendship or true love.   A pathetic and empty life is the result.

Wise people who fully live life in a authentic way are the ones who treat others well and know what really matters in life come out ahead.

It is wise to strive for wisdom and to be fully authentic.  It is wise to use experiences with cruel people as powerful fuel for greatness by their poor example of  wastes of energy and pathetic human behavior.


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