Back in the late '70s I was traveling for a computer co. in the Twin Cities area as a computer tech.  I was sent out to L. A. (Calif), and was staying in a tall  Holiday Inn, on the fourteenth or fifteenth floor.  It was about 3AM and I woke up in the hall.  I had been walking in my sleep. The problem was, I didn't have my key with me, 'nor did I know what room I was 'spose to be in.  Also, I had been sleeping in only my T-shirt, and when a person goes sleep-walking, they don't stop to get dressed.  Boy!!!!!!  Did I feel stupid!!!!!!  Soon the elevator door opened, and out stepped a guy.  I apologized for my appearance and told him I walk in my sleep, from time to time. I asked him to call the 'front desk' and tell them that the guy from Minn.  was out in the hall naked and didn't remember what room he was in and didn't have his key, either.  Well the guy did get up there very quick and let me in my room.  I don't ever remember a time when I felt stupider……

     The other day, I was checking out the DSM IV (the mental illness manual).  It lists all the different mental illnesses.  There is now, over 350 of them.  Back in the 'fifties when it was first started, there were only 8.  Boy!!!!!  We've come a long way, haven't we??????  The people with the mental illnesses are not  to happy about this 'Negative Progress'  But the 'shrinks' certainly are!!  Any how, I was reading threw all the 'conditions' that I don't have, and probably couldn't remember anyhow, and low and behold, there it was…..sleep-walking….

     Oh happy day!!!!!!!  If I cured my depression with my 'secret treatment'  I also cured my sleep-walking!!!!!   So, now I can safely go back to sleeping  in my T-shirt  again.  As if anyone out there cares………..

     But you can go look up the DSM IV (google it, and see who has the most 'of the more than 350' …………..

p.s. I am on a different computer and don,t know how to get spelcheck working on here….sorry..


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