Heyy all! This Christmas season, if i could have just one thing, it would be this: Not to haveto fight through every day, not having to consantly obsess over little things, anything for that matter. Not have to make a puzzle out of every single aspect in life, not have to suffer from this debilitating disease. This is all i could ask for. Im going to have to try alot harder to get better. My Christmas season so far has been impacted by OCD so much, but i still remain optimistic because in my time i have learned that no feeling is permanent. In our good times we need to be thankful and enjoy it while we can. In the bad times, we have to be graceful, and know that it will get better because our feelings are always on the run. Expect the unexpected. Ive been trying very hard lately to ignore my urges and anxious feelings. And sometimes i fail, but im proud to say that just recently i have had my accomplishments outweigh my failures. One fact that has gotten me through alot of hardships, is that God does NOT want us to suffer. When we have bad times, and it feels like the world just hates you, God is NOT doing this to us, but rather He might be letting it happen to steer us in the right direction. Maybe we need to change something. Overall, what has helped me alot, is thinking of our problems as potential teachers, and learn from them. The next time were feeling down or depressed, listen to your feelings, they might be trying to tell you something. Anyway, i didnt mean for this to be so long but i got it out of my system. You people have a very Merry Christmas and have an excellent new year! 🙂

  1. sdluna 11 years ago

    You have Happy Holidays as well!!


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  2. jane10 11 years ago

     merry christmas! and speaking from my experience–it will not always be a day-to-day terrible battle…if you work hard, life can change drastically even with OCD!!

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