Hello everyone,

my name is Bri and I am new to this site. I’m desperately looking for some advice. I am dating a stud. We were engaged to be married but I don’t think I can do it. I’ve been with her for 2 years. When we started out she was really sweet, really into me. She’s Caribbean though and her parents do not approve of me or how she is. I love her very much but we just aren’t getting along right now. She has hurt me so many times in the 2 years that we have been together. I can’t seem to get any respect from her, though I try my very best to give it to her. She calls me out of my name and throws jabs at me when she is angry. And I mean angry in a general sense. Occasionally she does nice things for me but I’m scared to accept things because she likes to throw helping me or anything in my face when we argue. I know I am not a bad girlfriend. I think she thinks that since she has a better job than me now that she is better than me. and it shouldn’t be that way. I went through some hardships at home and had to move out. I wasn’t ready because it was so sudden and rent is so high here that I’m struggling. she watched me and said that she would move with me. I was excited. I figured my relationship would get better if it was just us, focusing on us. but when I found a studio apartment (that is bigger than most for the price) and I moved in, she backed out on me. she said she wasn’t ready. (Mind you I asked her 12 times and she claimed that she wanted to do this with me) I was hurt because I would never do that to her.

now she helped me pay the rent and for a while and I understand that she has other obligations, but I’m sad and hurting. she belittles me and ridicules me. she admits that she doesn’t respect me and that she doesn’t know why. but I think she does know why and does not want to tell me.

and then the ex she left for me she still speaks to, everyday. through out the day. I said I didn’t like the girl because after I started dating my girlfriend she tried to seduce her. I told my girlfriend she makes me uncomfortable but I guess it doesn’t matter to her because that was two years ago and they still speak every day. she’s constantly disrespecting me over and over and I can’t take much more. I love her and she swears she loves me but I can’t trust that or believe it anymore because if she really loved me she wouldn’t do this to me and respect her ex. its not fair to me. please please if anyone has any advice please help me. I really don’t wanna lose my relationship.



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  1. iwant2smileagain 4 years ago

    SIs… leave this situation.. there’s so many things wrong here.. she doesn’t respect you or what youre trying to build with her. The blatant disrespect with the Ex Files.. noo..

    you are worth so much more than that! you are worth someone loving you, showing you a real life and putting you on game so that you know your worth! You are deserving of smiles and tears of joy.

    relationships work better when there are two people who want, work, attain and maintain the same goals. doesn’t matter if its hetero or not..

    WHat do you feel about yourself? how do you feel you should be treated? is this love? is this jus a convenient way to have a roommate, a bump buddy?
    What do you want for yourself?

    I don’t think you feel less than about yourself. if you did, you wouldn’t be here looking for advise on what to do.. we can help you, but you have to make the choice for you.
    and you can do it! you can be so strong and never look back!

    love is beautiful and strong, its not belittling and stupid, its never inconsistent or keep score. this my dear isn’t love. its lust, selfishness and beyond your worth..

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