Faces are one of the signatures of our identity. It comes in a single piece that was given to us from the very beginning. It’s like a reflection of your thoughts, your emotions and yourself. But only you cannot see its true colors. And you never will. Mirrors will reflect only what the light can show you but it won’t show you the shadows you hold behind. Within that glimpse of that light, you still find imperfection, details you want to change. You want to hide that. It is normal. Nobody, not even yourself, wants to see the mistakes or the damage you reflect.
We all wear a mask to hide ourselves behind it and feel better with what we see.

We wear it knowing we’ll see other masks walk around us and without thinking what they hide. Like we care, we just talk about it: how good it looks, how different it is from yesterday and so on. It is a conversation between two inert faces that can’t care enough to see through it. It is such a privilege to see someone’s real face, with their pain, with their happiness, with their issues and imperfection that makes them so beautiful and pure. Such a privilege that you forget to take off yours. It crackles and breaks apart and you reveal yourself.
In that moment you feel silence and awe. Who knew that a real face could make you feel so much? It’s like looking at someone’s soul through their eyes. You were in such a content state when you wore the mask that you forgot the world around you. We forget the pain of others when we’re happy.

You gaze at yourself the next day. The mirror still reflects you what the light can. And you realized that you have changed. You are different. But you still want to be recognized. So you forge yourself another mask that suits you. You worry that people will fear what you’ve become. It’s like a vicious cycle between narcissism and altruism that keeps dictating how you wish to be.

Imagine how free you feel when you don’t need to wear that mask. Naked, exposed, liberated. It takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you into perspective. And you will listen to your heart. The very things that you care about. Set into your path as if they were destined to be there. You feel, yourself. Lying in and lying to the vast emptiness of the world.
There is no more shame, no more anger, no more problems. Just you, the world around you and what you care most in it.
An everyday wish is facing reality without having to hide. No reason to fear on how to show yourself to others: as you are and as you want them to see you. Let the mask be a blank one that your most close people will color it for you. They will show you how they see you and they will enjoy to share that moment with you. It is fun an interesting to see how the colors change with time.

My true ‘mask’ has been with me for so long it has darkened around the colors of my eyes…


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