I am having the week from hell.

So I left my job as a dental assistant over a year ago because my ocd made it unbearable …. my new job I took pays great but you are on call and it's based on senority and you have to work your way up to a part time then full time position .

I've been there over a year now and applied for every job that has come out with the company and nothing yet. So right now my hours are based on people calling in sick or taking time off . Which means money is not exactly the easiest thing to come by .

SO last night when I got home from work I had a note in my mailbox from my landlord …. Rent is going up in August and they need all my things moved out of storage so they can do reno's . Only problem with that is my boyfriend is out of the country working and I have no where to put any of it.

Besides that today we found out my boyfriends Grandmother has cancer.

His parents treat me like crap and I'm pretty sure they hate me it's been that way the whole 6 years we've been together … like I'm not good enough . But the rest of his family treats me great. I'm a little sad about it . I mean it was only a year ago my grandmother passed away and we were really close.

I got a letter in the mail today saying my vacation I applied for in september was approved …. which you figure would give me a glimmer of hope that things are going to look up …. I dont know now if I can take the two weeks without pay and not be stressed out about money.

I used to find this site great but besides being able to get things off my chest I dont anymore. I feel so unbelievable alone and sad.

My family only makes things worse . my boyfriend is never home , I only get to talk to him online and not that it makes any difference anyways because he's never there for me he dosnt understand what I go through and he dosnt seem to care enough to want to figure it out. and before you all get on here and tear him down because of that statement trut me him not being emotional is only a bleep on the radar in the problems that are in my life.

Anyways like I said I just needed to get things off my chest

hope your doing better then me !

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  1. giru 11 years ago

    well theres not much I can really say, I mean you are the only one who can pull yourself through but I wish you luck and I'm sure you will. I just read some of your profile page seems we have some common interests like doing exercise and being late all the time lol Glad to see you enjoying your job, I found I was really happy when I was working, it kept me busy. The trouble is with this is it's not quite the same as having one to one contact in real life but I have found this site to help and everyone really nice though. If you feel lonely you can message me anytime about whatever you want 🙂 even if you feel you just want to have a go at someone, I have got pretty good at taking all sorts of crap over the years I might aswell use this to help someone hahahah

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