I’m getting so sick of my increasing symptoms. It’s like my mind is shutting down on me. I’m forgetting everything, forget the keys in the door, for get to go to the store, forget to pick up my meds, forget to pick up my kids, forget to cook meals for my family. I just completely zone out. it’s like they typical thought process that tells you that you need bread ham cheese and bread layered in that order is missing a step. I stare at my kids lunch missing the bread and can’t remember for the life of me why this doesn’t seem right. do the dishes and come back later to get a drink and find i put the pots away in the fridge without thinking. My bf is like why did you do that? or why didn’t you pick this up at the store when you knew we needed it? Or how come you haven’t feed the kids yet? I have know good answer…just "I don’t know. I forgot." what kind of answer is that? I missed my Dr appointment because i forgot and had to see a random Dr to get a scrip to tide me over. I told him my meds weren’t enough anymore and he looked at me like he thought I was going to sell my script on the street. I hate new dr. So now I’m stuck with worse symptoms and no way to deal with them and no Dr to speak to… or at least not one that will listen. I feel completely out of it and edgy. everything is getting to me. My bf talks and I snap. my kids talk and it’s like nails on a chalk board and I just start yelling. I think I’m going to snap.


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