I don't know if anybody saw the news today, but there was another school shooting. I'm originally from cleveland ohio born and raised and when I heard the news I freaked. I have a little sister who still lives in that area and I didn't know the details untill I called home. When I heard the details I just cried for the victims , yet I was happy they survived then I thanked God. I was also so sad when I heard that the 14 year old boy killed himself. I got angry at whom ever gave him the guns or gave him accesse to the guns. What ever happen to kids getting suspened for fighting and they just sucked it up and came back to school. Why do we have to have metal detectors in the schools? Why do our kids have to watch there backs, because some poor child doesn't have the proper role models or the mind capacity to know right from wrong. When did children get so angry? A 14 year old boy should be having dreams of being anything they want to be.  We as a society expect them to be mini adults and be perfect but they are not they are children. The news said the boy had a troubled family life, yet he was very smart on the border line of being a genius. He should have been celebrated for his mind, but I think he didn't have the right people in his life. I get angery at our society because we teach our children that instant gratification is the key to success or to get what they want. When we all know that hard work and patients is the key. The world isn't perfect, but I guess our kids see that "oh it's ok for the vice president to shoot some one in the back and get away with it, maybe because I'm 14 I can go shoot up the school." I look at my son and hope he can deal with his anger in a better way, then what he see's around him every day. I hope he is comfortable enough to tell me anything and he knows I won't judge him. Every year for the past 10 years there's atleast two to three school shooting in our nation it's from grade school to the universities. Maybe as a society we should start buying our children bullet proof vest with there school supplies. What do you think?


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