Wow, well. Suddenly it seems I'm doing so much socializing. OK, in chronological order…

Friday before the last — I agreed to play a game of D&D since so many of my friends (still weird how I can actually say I have friends) play, though I was skeptical. So I went over this guy's—Mike's house, and he helped me build my first character. Then we went to a local gaming shop and I played my first game with everyone. And I had so much fun! Actual fun, being around people and talking and playing with them. And we went over to the gas station a few times to stock up on snacks. I wasn't talkative or anything, but I was very at ease the whole time, and much more outgoing than I've ever been before. I think being out so late (until 12:30, which is very late relative to when I'm usually home), and consuming a lot of caffeine (Bawls). Anyway, it was great! And I'm really looking forward to the next game, whenever that'll be. (All of this was with Mike, Katie, Dan, Jeff, Paul and Potter, need to record the names so I can keep this stuff straight in my head.)

And Wednesday the last anime club meeting of the semester. It was very nice. The president didn't come so it was very unstructured and casual. And lots of snack from the local Oriental Market were brought. I sat up front and manned the computers with two others (Kirsten and 'Weasel'). The videos I chose to show went over very well, and the guy up front with us in particular loved them, and we sort of became friends just over that. Then we three watched Azumanga Daioh and talked about it amongst ourselves, in the corner away from the loud people, heh. A pleasant meeting to end the semester.

Then Thursday I was on campus, hanging out in the lounge because Mike had invited me out to lunch. So he, Kirsten, Christy and I went out to the health food store and bought a bunch of snacks, then out for lunch. At the place we went I saw Nathan, who I haven't seen in forever–he's like my brother's best friend and we three used to hang out all the time and I always loved it. But we haven't since my brother's fight with my mom and leaving to live with my Dad. It was great to see him, he's one of the few people I really feel completely at ease with. And just yesterday I got an email from my brother saying that we should go do something sometime. So happy! I'm really looking forward to us three doing something, just like old times.

After eating we returned with snacks to the lounge. And I hung around until about 7. I was actually there to discuss the new summer D&D campaign, but we didn't get anything done. I was sort of anxious with all these people around, but I did okay, and even got to talk to a few people I'd never met before, even though I have lousy conversation skills.

Then Friday I went over Mike's again to work more on the D&D campaign he's planning for the summer. I thought there'd be more people, and was somewhat disappointed that it was just him, me and a guy named Jamie. I didn't talk much, and just worked on building my character, with a lot of help from then since I still don't understand much of this stuff.

And today I'm going to see the new Narnia movie with Kirsten and Brian. I'm very excited about this! So happy they invited me.

And Wednesdays have been designated D&D days.

So much is going on! I actually have a social life, and it happened so suddenly! People actually like me and want to be around me! And I like these people, and know that over time we'll grow closer and I'll grow to love them. So happy.


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