So I had written and entire blog and then deleted it somehow. I am assuming that it was not meant to be read and so I am rewriting  a new one

. Hello to anyone who might be reading this. I am really happy to have found this site on one of the many mornings I felt like I was on the brink and needed to know I was not alone in this. My anxiety is always worse in the mornings and I have often turned to sites that remind me that I not alone and give me some advice on how to cope. I am hoping I can connect with some awesome people and be of some help and comfort to others. I really believe in generosity and giving of ourselves. I have recently started on new medication and it was a major anxiety trigger for me to start a new medicine. I hate taking medicine as it is, but I know I need it. I am now on lexapro and klonopin. I had been on paxil and the occasional xanax. the paxil had really seemed to stop working after the 9 or so years I was on it. i would love to hear what works for any of you or if anyone has had any experience with lexapro. I was reading about it online and it sent me into a full blown panic attack lol. I already feel like we have so much more information thrown at us all of the time that adds to my anxious nature  and reading about the side effects and bad reactions of the others really freaked me out lol. My husband told me not to read anymore and that most people who take the time to write about something like that have had a bad experience, which considering about 95% of what I read was negative , I guess I agree. Here I am asking for your experiences yet I just told you how the ones I read gave me worse anxiety!! See I clearly need help! My verdict on lexapro is still out. I have not had any bad side effects , but I do not feel "better" which is realtive for me. The klonopin is very slow and subtle which is good it seems to be calming and I have had a major change in my life recently , stressful change which I will share soon or if anyone wants to know.

I am a stay at home mom amd a fll time student so I am going to try and log on at least once a day so I can get the most out of this tribe and be of help to someone anyone that I can. we all have a story and we all have had events that have forever changed us and  I look forward to getting to know more about the people here. Peace and be blessed!!

  1. pollunga 13 years ago

    Hello! I have been on Lexapro for about 7 months or so. Very low dosage though, and it seemed to work for while but recently I have been having anxiety again. But I believe it works great! When I first got on it within a week I felt worlds better. My issue right now is I think the dosage is too low as I am taking the minimum. I am hoping you have good results with it as I did. Adjustments always have to be made so I still say kudos to Lexapro even if I am not perfect on it all of the time.

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  2. priggs13 13 years ago

    wow thank you guys so much for the comments. I go back to the DR next Friday the 25th to have blood work done and discuss my meds. I am also on a very low dosage like 10 mg of lexapro daily and klonopin as needed. Does any one have more anxiety in the am? I was on Paxil so I went straight from paxil to lexapro without a break, that was odd but my dr said because they are the same sort of medicine that it was ok. Does anyone else have the worst anxiety in the morning?

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  3. priggs13 13 years ago

    Music ahhh Oh yes that is always my drug of choice and coffee!! Although the caffeine can cause me slight anxiety. My son is so musically talented and is in a band and my husband plays guitar, I was in a band for 3 years so we love music and so appreciate those that make it.I wish I did not need anything else but my life is so right now that there is no way. I have anxiety anyway and now my 20 year old just moved back in from a very abusive relationship ans there will be a trial … so , on top of having a 2 year old and a 17 year old at home she is back and while it is a blessing to have her and her beauty here it is added stress, to help her heal as well. I am so glad we have 4 bedrooms! I take the klonopin as needed and the lexapro at night and the side effects are there but , I go to the dr next Friday and we will see what happens. I really love this site so much. thanks guys!!

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