Nervous, my first day of work tomorrow. I havent worked for a while. I havent been able to control my manic episodes. But I am really trying. I hope it goes well, I am glad its not a full time job I dont think I could do it all day. I tried that already and broke down. I am excited though I am a site director at an elementary school for a before and after school program. The kids are k-6 grade and I just hope they like me and cant break me down the first day. I loved my other site director job and miss it. I know the kids loved me and am just hoping to get the same relationship with these kids.
I found out sad news about my step sister though, her MS is getting bad she has to walk around with an IV in her arm. So she cant work for a little bit. I just hope everything will turn out ok with her.
Me and my boyfriend are trying this again, so far we are doing good. He lost his job so it’s kinda crazy. We are living off my mom’s money and I hate that. He owes so much money to his school and cant pay it. His dad made him go to school and he failed out and now he has to pay for it. We are both trying to live and be happy. We are most of the time but have our bad times.
I really need to chill on drinking, last week I drank so much and got really sick and dont remember much. The last couple days Ive been on a drinking binge. I need to chill like i said.
Other than all that I have been doing alright. No cutting for a while. Tired cause my stupid insomnia really gets bad.


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